Communication Matters

Change management has a significant reliance on excellent communication to make sure that the issues which are important to us and which we are spending time on can be heard by our stakeholders. Within the world of change management in purchasing communication is often left to be done in the margins of our daily roles.

This contrasts dramatically with marketing, where the approach to communication is often carefully planned weeks in advance, and linked to the key messages which are crafted and polished overtime.

Elsewhere, we can see that careful management of communications can take significant time and thought. Just look around you at the effort being made by individuals to understand and contribute in Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In.

If we were to think about our internal messages in the same way that we think about our personal messages, then we may find that the delivery of significant and important messages, at the right time, using the best language available, is more achievable.

When thinking about messages which are placed in Facebook and Twitter, we often find ourselves reacting to a current situation, to a thought process about a particular situation, or adding a thought which inspires us. In reality, this is the same thought process that we need to apply to developing communications around our category strategies and sourcing plans. If we start to think about planning our communications in this way, it can seem a less difficult than it otherwise appears to be.

As a start, our recommendation for beginning and excellent communication strategy looks like this:

  1. Think about the key messages that we need to put out on a daily basis, if only for a few minutes
  2. Capture those messages in a way that can be communicated in the business
  3. Keep it short and concise and links to the issues of the moment
  4. Listen hard for feedback and ensure that you pick it up when it is offered
  5. Link all of this to your overall communications approach to make sure that the arc of the story which you are telling is not lost

Mark Hubbard thinks about Strategic Sourcing a lot; he’s Co-CEO at Positive Purchasing


About Mark Hubbard

I set up a specialist purchasing consultancy and a business focussing on seeking innovation. I work all over the world with clients, helping purchasing teams develop new ways of delivering value for their businesses. I love thinking about how purchasing works, and how it can be better, and I'd love to share some of those thoughts with you
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