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Culture Trumps Strategy

In discussions this week, the phrase ‘Culture trumps Strategy’ was introduced; one that, although unfamiliar, hit a whole series of chords about how procurement works and the sorts of issues faced in many organisations. The comment had come up in … Continue reading

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Experimental Music and Strategic Purchasing

There’s an excellent piece of experimental music by John Cage called 4’33”, designed for any instrument or combination of instruments. Each instrument needs to make no noise for 4’33”, and the audience gets to experience the ambient noise in the … Continue reading

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How to fail – don’t focus

A whole series of recent discussions have come back to a single concept: focus.  For years, a respected mentor has been hammering on the concept of focus for their business, understanding what the core aim and goal is, understanding how … Continue reading

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Moving from defence to attack; how should procurement prepare for growth?

A recent article in the London Times ( suggests that businesses in the UK were starting to look at approaches which shift the balance from defence of balance sheets to growth and development. If this sentiment is followed through, then … Continue reading

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