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Apple, Asimov and Creativity

The whole arena of creativity is beset with a central challenge: how do we get better at creativity? This is something which has taxed and challenged a whole series of people for a huge amount of time, and has also … Continue reading

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The Californian Drought, Crop Cycles and Tequila

National Geographic produced a thought provoking article exploring the causes and consequences of the drought affecting the westernmost sections of the USA, with its usual dramatic graphics, illustration and excellent articles. Within this is an exploration of the effects on … Continue reading

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Watching Google: The search for Artificial Intelligence in Procurement

Google has invested $400Million in acquiring a business whose leader is focussed on how artificial intelligence can be evolved in computers, leading to a HAL9000 moment ( from 2001: A Space Odessy). In the world of Procurement, there seems to … Continue reading

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